Sunday, June 23, 2019

Return To Trilby Shoals

Published In 1969 Here's
Issue #16 Of The Many Ghosts
Of Dr. Graves With Art By
Steve Ditko And Vince Alascia



  1. Thanks for this great Charlton post, a double dose of Ditko and some great Vince Alascia artwork. The one pager 'Be Your Own Witch Doctor' was fun and funny "Heebie Jeebie mumble zeebie where'd I find this junk Bazeebie?" Charlton snuck in humor with their horror from time to time.

    The letter section was great too, The comments of T. R (whoever he is, or was) was spot on as far as horror comics or horror literature is concerned, " expression of the perceptions of a most personal world, your own mind" This is why Lovecraft horrors are so menacing when read about, one's own mind creates its own unique individual terror that is different from anyone else's terror.

    I wonder if T R ever published his horror stories, one more unsolved mystery of life I guess.

    Great post as always, THANKS!

  2. Two great Ditko tales1 The man was a master of comic book art.

    Too bad they didn't print T.R.'s story as I am intrigued as to what it was like?