Saturday, October 1, 2016

Are You a Scorpio?

And Now For Your Reading 
Enjoyment Three More 
Classic Tales From The Old 
Ghost Manor Hosted By The 
Fantastic Winnie The Witch.
Art By Steve Ditko, Don Perlin, 
Vince Alascia And Sanho Kim.


  1. A full issue featuring Winnie the Witch as narrator, what a great treat.

    "The Secret Man" and "I'll Never Die" two tales drawn by Sanho Kim, each story was a gem. "The Secret Man" would have made a good episode in Alfred Hitchcock Presents or later on in The Night Gallery. "I'll Never Die" has the feel of a Twilight Zone tale, I guess the moral being 'be careful what you wish for, you just might get it' or 'time waits for no man, but for Mordechi Leeth, he waits for time, a time to leave the world of the future he didn't expect or hope for, here in a timezone called The Twilight Zone.'

    Thanks for the find!

  2. It's interesting how I'm enjoying Sanho Kim art a lot now. The two stories he illustrated were excellent.

    I did also enjoy Winne The Witch/Astrologer in the first story too! Great Ditko art as usual.