Sunday, October 2, 2016

Abracadabra....You're Dead!

Here's Some Interesting Tales
Of The Supernatural From
Issue #115 Of Unexpected
With Art By Curt Swan,
Jack Abel And Werner Roth.


  1. The second story is awesome. It starts out a bit like the Twilight Zone's "The Howling Man" in which the Devil is imprisoned in a cage and is foolishly released by a traveler.
    In this case, it's Death, and while Death is indeed released by the disbelieving doctor like I expected, I did not expect that ending at all. I knew Death would seek out revenge on Hans, but I didn't expect him to survive it.

  2. It'd definitely an offbeat story and well done. The Howling Man is one of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes starring John Carrdine and written by the great Charles Beaumont.