Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Bring Back The Dead Chief

Published In 1966 Here's
Issue #159 Of ACG's 
Adventures Into The Unknown 
Featuring Nemesis. Art By 
Chic Stone And Hy Eisman.


  1. Thanks as always. The first two tales were good ones with a similar ending as two lovers separated in life found one another once more after death.
    I looked up this issue to see if any of the tales were reprints as I didn't recognize any of them right off the bat. (I've only peeked at issues of Forbidden Worlds. I haven't read any of the issues except for the later ones you've posted.) Turns out, the last story came from FW originally entitled "Down Down Down" and bearing an introduction.
    I got a kick out of this line: "There goes Mr. Octopus who just got a new version of the electric chair!"

  2. It was kind of interesting about how the first two tales has similar themes and endings.

    I enjoyed the very Kirbyish art by Chic Stone on the Nemesis story. I bet he was probably still inking The Fantastic Four at the same time he worked on this issue.