Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Taboo Territory

From 1964 More Adventures
Into The Unknown With Art
By Bob Jenny, Sam Citron, Pete
Costanza And Ogden Whitney.


  1. Some awfully bleak tales in this issue.
    The first story follows plenty of others I've heard in AITU in which a man explores or crashes into an unknown part of the world, finds some sort of civilization--be it primitive or futuristic and falls in love with a lovely girl (also leaking into this story is the other AITU favorite of a man falling in love with a woman from the past long dead, (although in this case, she had survived all this time in the Taboo Teritory) yet a rather bleak ending occurs in which he either loses the girl, or both of them die. (I'm reminded of that very last issue of Forbidden Worlds with the story called "The Timeless Tribe" which ends on a similar bleak note.) I do like that Eric remains with Flora until they both get buried alive by the snow--even when she finally becomes aged after leaving the Taboo Territory. The ending is rather sad but touching. Eric has finally found Flora, and the Taboo Territory, but he won't live to tell of what he found there.

    The second tale is equally bleak, with the surprise that the soldier telling us of the strange enemy is actually an invader from another planet and not the other way around as we originally thought. It's clever, but with the fact that the Earth has basically been taken over by another planet, it's a rather chilling tale.

    The last tale at least ends on a positive note and is a reprint from Forbidden Worlds #60 originally called "The Old and the New" and was the cover story for that issue. It's a strange yet fun little tale of a deja vu experience that saves everyone's life.

  2. Yeah it was a downer sort of issue. The first story did remind me a bit of those old Edgar Rice Burroughs "Land Before Time Stories". I liked this one the best.

    You definitely are an expert on the ACG books!

  3. Ha, ha,ha. That only comes from reading over a hundred issues of AITU.;) You start to pick up a pattern on the stories.