Sunday, October 9, 2016

Frankenstein is A Clown

From Creepy #36 Here's The
Strange Tale Of Jorjo The 
Friendly Frankenstein With 
Art By Carlos Garzon 
And Script By Bill Warren.

 And From The Same Issue 
Some Sinister Sci-Fi By 
Tom Sutton And Nick Cuti.



  1. The first tale started off promising, but once Jorjo became a true monster, it got downright depressing if you ask me. I was hoping for a friendly monster who actually worked in the circus as a clown or something, not a poor guy who worked as a clown and a friendly monster for a living to enchant children only to die and have his brain placed inside an actual monster.
    The second story is strange and a bit better,but also downright bizarre and bleak as far as endings go.

  2. These Warren stories tending to be a little stranger than some of the others but interesting at times and the art was usually nice. I did like the horror host/kids show angle to the story. I thought that when Jorjo became a real Frankenstein monster it got a bit too bizarre as well.