Sunday, October 30, 2016


More Fun From ACG's
Unknown Worlds #38 Which
Sort Of Looks Like It Might Be 
A Reprint Book. Art By Edd Ashe, 
John Forte, Paul Reiman
And Ogden Whitney



  1. Thanks a whole bunch. As I've mentioned before, Comicbookplus had uploaded 29 issues of the this series (At the time, I hadn't realized there were more of them, and when I did, I had hoped they'd be uploaded up there eventually too.) However, they were eventually all taken down because none of them were probably in public domain after all. I never got to fully read any of them, although I did peak at a few stories.

    Anyhow, in this issue, only the second story is a reprint of one from AITU #100 originally entitled "Phantom Submarine."

    I really enjoyed both of the fresh stories in this one. The first one is adorable as Nathaniel (unknowingly) used his powers only for good and to help others and of course he never boasted of his powers because he never realized he had them to begin with.

    The last story is kind of bizarre--in a good way. Of all the ways for aliens to invade the Earth, pretending to be pretty girls with candy samples!

  2. So the first and last stories were new. That's Interesting, The art on both looked very "golden age" style for 1965 but you are right they were not reprints. The artwork on the last story by Ed Ashe I actually liked quite a lot.