Saturday, October 29, 2016

A Matter Of Life And Death

Here's Another Cool Issue
of Charlton's Scary Tales
With Art By Enrique Nieto
And Steve Ditko From Issue #7.
Hosted By Countess Von Bludd.



  1. These were some great Charlton tales just in time for Halloween.

    Trespassers was unique, aliens meet the devil, two horror icons come face to face, an interesting tale indeed.

  2. And that art by Enrique Nieto on Trespassers was great!

  3. The first tale was unintentionally hilarious. I was giggling at all the curse words in it (kind of uncommon at the time, I think) and laughed at this line "And after you do it, I'm going to sue your assets off!" We know what they really wanted to say. ;) I also laughed pretty hard at that solution that the computer came up with--the guy in question wasn't dead yet--so it killed him! XD!

    The second tale is rather unique--a mixture of the supernatural with some science fiction thrown in for good measure. The idea of aliens posing as ghosts feels like something out of Doctor Who. The part where the actual ghost summons Satan to destroy the aliens is pretty awesome to be honest.
    The final tale has a pretty obvious conclusion, but is told quite effectively, complete with the narration ending in explanation points at every sentence.

    1. The script on 'Trespassers' was by Joe Gill one of the most prolific comic book writers of all time.