Sunday, October 16, 2016


And Now More Giant Monsters 
From Issue #3 Of Charlton's  
Konga With Art By
Steve Ditko From 1963.



  1. I remember seeing these as a kid and being blown away. Somehow the idea that a comic artist could work for multiple companies hadn't yet occurred to me. Seeing Steve Ditko in a non Marvel comic book was mind boggling!

  2. Since I was buying the Warren magazines as well as the Marvel and DC Comics I was aware that some of their guys were 'moonlighting' for other companies. Artists like Gene Colan, Neal Adams, Wally Wood, Ditko and Toth all worked for Warren and 'The Big Two" and it was strange to see them in Creepy and Eerie. What freaked me out sometimes was when artists would use pseudonyms while working for other companies..

  3. Yeah, that Jay Taycee guy sure drew a lot like Johnny Craig! And Adam Austin, what a Gene Colan rip off he was!