Friday, October 7, 2016

The Wand

From 1972 Here's Issue #2
Of Grimm's Ghost Stories
Published By Gold Key.
With Art By Dan Spiegle,
Mike Sekowsky, Jack Sparling
And Oscar Novelle.


  1. Read this issue on the internet not too too long ago. The first story is fun and so is the last story--especially because unlike in most of these tales, the best friend actually DIDN'T murder his business partner.

  2. The Last story was different and enjoyable. I also enjoyed Cargo of Doom because I enjoy the Ghost Ship style stories and also the great art of Dan Spiegle.

  3. Here is an interesting tidbit, the story "This Gold is Mine!" was republished in a Whitman Big Little Book titled 'Grimms Ghost Stories' number 5778-1 back in 1976. The story was the fourth story in the book which featured old west ghost stories probably published in Grimms Ghost Story comics. Some of the artwork from the comic is shown in the big little book in black and white, such as from page one upper left panel and upper right panel (without the word balloons of course), bottom right first page, and so on.

    The other stories featured in the book are 'The Ghost of Simon Smith', 'The Unspoken Words', 'The Cheaters' and 'Treachery at Fort Lincoln' - all that for only 69¢ back then!

    Scanning the images from the big little book would be difficult without ruining the book, and at this moment I just realized this big little book is forty years old this year!

    A quick look through the book revealed that only one ghost story big little book available back then and this was it.

  4. Awesome that you have the Grimm's Ghost Stories Big little book. That's a treasure! I wouldn't scan it either. I have a few of those myself that I got as a kid. I know I own a Fantastic Four Big Little Book, Major Matt Mason, Shazzan and Flipper.