Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Phantom Patrol

From 1969 Ghostly Tales #75
With Art By Sanho Kim, 
Steve Ditko Pat Boyette 
And Vince Alascia


  1. Ditko's animals could look a little odd, but I guess I can accept them as stylized. Anyway, that story is quite good and the art quite effective including the coloring. Whoever did the coloring did a great job of enhancing Ditko's art.

    I also really like the Sanho Kim piece. It's a simple story, but it's well-structured and Kim presents it well as well. I think would be cool to see some straight war stories illustrated by him.

  2. Ditko's animals were kind of odd. I wonder if it was because he was doing a lot of work for various companies and didn't take more time to reference them.

    Sanho Kim I appreciate a lot more today. A fine artist,