Thursday, January 23, 2020


From Eerie #41 Warped With
Art By Jerry Grandenetti.
Published In 1972.


  1. Kevin Pagan, eh? It's not exactly revolutionary plot-wise, but it's well-written. That last page with the plot reveal--'Yes, I'm just torturing you for the hell of it.'/'You fiend! You're insane!!!'--is brazen and matter-of-fact about its shaggy dog quality. A fine trip for the reader if not the protagonist. Good art from Grandenetti with the chance for some cool, freaky images: the gland, of course, the final warp, the early long hair/skinhead war... Great stuff.

  2. Pretty wild story. Grandenetti was an acquired taste for me as an artist but I enjoy his work a lot now but thaf goes for a lot of other artists too.

  3. Seeing the living eyeball gland and the sinister motives of Cahill, this tale has the feel of a Lovecraft tale- a secret society dabbling in things beyond human ken, and suffering, indifferent elder god's offspring unconcerned towards humanity's existence and a hero who is powerless to stop the evil he has discovered.

    Quite a tale, thanks for this Eerie post.

  4. Yeah thats right. Tat eyeball gland was pretty disturbing. The weird Grandenetti art really made it work.