Thursday, March 12, 2020

Adam Links Vengeance

Art By Joe Orlando on
Adam Link's Vengeance
From Issue #9 Of Creepy
Published In 1965


  1. I'm surprised I haven't run into this blog earlier! I'll be following along and commenting. Is the horror hosting bit the same folks that do this blog? We have a good bit in common there, we should chat sometime!

    OK, the story, I always loved Warren's stuff though the quality went up and down over the years. I don't know if the continuing Link stories were the best thing for the mags but the Orlando art is always a treat.

  2. Yeah man it's still me hosting this blog. I love Warren books. I even buy doubles when cheap. The early issues were the best but later on we got Wrightson, Corben, Jones etc. so I kept on buying. I always enjoy the coments.

  3. If you have a twitter account hit me up at @ggadwa always looking for people to collab on the YT stuff!