Friday, February 3, 2017

Return Of The Golem

From Issue #1 Of Monsters Attack
Three Cool Tales Illustrated 
By Three Great Comic Book
 Artists: Gray Morrow, 
John Severin And Steve Ditko.



  1. I love how the criminal gets stuck halfway through the wall in the last story.

    The second story, due to my own Jewish background stands out the most to me. I'm familiar with the golem legend and this variation on the tale certainly didn't disappoint.

  2. Great art by John Severin on ''Return of The Golem'' too..... and here is the classic silent film of The Golem.

  3. I've heard of that film--never actually seen it though. I've seen a parody of it done once by the Simpsons a few years ago on one of their Tree House of Horrors for Halloween--it was hilarious,and rather cute.

  4. All three stories were winners, I doubt many saw the twist ending in Sex Vampires, The Golem was a modern take on the old story (I recall a comic book featuring the golem from the fifties/sixties) and Ditko shines in the last tale. A trifecta of terrific tales!

  5. Sex Vampires had great art by Gray Morrow. It was a fun twist ending too I had no idea he was the real Vampire.

    1. I actually saw the ending to the first one coming--Al kept wearing sunglasses for some reason, and was able to sneak into nightclubs almost suspiciously for someone who was supposed to be a teenager... Not to mention his ability to pick up women so successfully.
      I almost thought the twist was going to be that the Sex Vampires were actually men--now that would have been epic.