Thursday, February 23, 2017

Keep Your Spirits Up

Here's Another Creepy 
Classic 'Keep Your Spirits Up' 
From Issue #25 Of Creepy
Published In 1968. Art 
By The Great Reed Crandall.



  1. I like how every time Dante wanders into the spirit world, he's buck naked.

  2. Not entirely, I mean, it was his spirit--spirits don't exactly have to have clothes on. XD

  3. Dante should have just asked Madame Nona to help him get in contact with the great artists of the past. After all of the centuries that had gone by, the masters of the Renaissance might have been pleased to create a few more paintings for the world to see (by guiding Dante's hands to do the work of course.)

  4. That would have made this a different and more interesting story.