Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Door Of Doom

From Boris Karloff's Tales of
Mystery Here's The Door of Doom
With Art By Joe Orlando From
Issue #13. This Story Is Kind Of 
Similar To The Last Story We
Posted "Legend Of The Clock".
And Thanks To Glowworm For
Letting Us Know About This Tale.



  1. Thanks for the nod. Once in a while I see some similar horror stories done in comics, and while I hadn't read the Forbidden Worlds one all the way through--I could clearly see the similarities to the Boris Karloff one.

  2. I know that some 1950's Horror Tales Were Recycled In The 70's By Eerie Publications And Maybe Others But Great Catch On These Two Stories!

  3. A light shining from a mansion door, this reminds me of a tale of a light that went out for a day.

    The tale comes from 'World's Best "True" Ghost Stories' titled 'The Light in the Window'.

    A man bought a painting of a gloomy old castle, the only light visible in the painting was a light glowing from one window in a tower. The man would show the painting to his guests and each would wonder about the meaning of the message written on the corner which read "every century it will be dark".

    One day he showed the painting to his guests and all were surprised to see the light that had been in the tower was gone! No new paint had been added, the paint over the tower's window was as cracked and faded as the rest of the painting. The owner was just as perplexed as his guests and decided he would try to figure out what had happened in the morning. The next day, the light in the tower's window was back!
    The painting's owner made a note of the date that the light had gone out and decided to research the history of the painting. He eventually learned that the castle had been a painting of a castle in Scotland, the castle's lord had a son whom he had kept imprisoned in the tower, and 500 years on the night when the light in the window in the painting had gone out, was the night the son in the tower had died.

    I don't know if that tale had ever been turned into a comic story, but it certainly would have fit in nicely with a Gold Key Ghost stlye comic.

  4. Very interesting story. I don't know if that tale was ever adapted for comic books but it sounds familiar. I will have to investigate.