Sunday, July 26, 2015

Castle Of Frankenstein

Here's More Monster Magazine 
Greatness With Issue 21 Of 
 "Castle Of  Frankenstein" Including
A Nice Article On "The Golden 
Voyage Of Sinbad" And More
Movie Reviews From The Classic
Era Of Horror And Sci-fi.


  1. Still more great stuff!

    I remember golden Voyage of Sinbad, a great flick!

    If these special effects were used in a movie today, it undoubtedly would cause youngsters to roll their eyes (or worse) in disbelief, but Ray Harryhausen was THE KING of stop motion creations. His legacy will live on for generations.

    I was lucky to see 'Frankenstein, The True Story' on TV many years ago, it is on youtube somewhere, it is an interesting twist on the Frankenstien genre, an overlooked but well made horror flick.

  2. I saw Golden Voyage Of Sinbad at the old Palm Springs theater in Hialeah. Caroline Munro was so beautiful in that movie. Saw the movie twice that day.

    Harryhausen and Willis O'Brien were the greatest stop motion guys.
    True artists!. I don't care for CGI myself.

    Yeah I also watched Frankenstein: The True Story on NBC back in the day. I think it was on 2 nights. I really enjoy those old TV movies like The Night Stalker, Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark and Salems Lot.

    1. The seventies were a unique but wonderful time for TV horror, with the TV shows you mentioned above including Rod Serling's Night Gallery. The Norliss Tapes was an interesting pilot, too bad it was never picked up as a regular series. Even after all these years I still remember The Norliss Tapes pilot.

    2. I have the Norliss Tapes on DVD it is a great little movie. Roy Thinnes and Angie Dickenson were fantastic. The movie used some plot devices similar to Night Stalker (No vampire this time) but boy did it deliver the scares! Dan Curtis was one of the greats!