Saturday, July 11, 2015

Wardrobe Of Monsters

And Here's An Old Favorite
Story Of Mine "Wardrobe Of 
Monsters" From Eerie #15 With
Art By Gray Morrow (Even Though
The Last Page Is By Angelo Torres)
And Script By Otto Binder!


  1. It was a good story but it did have a weak point, or two- androids, bio robots, synthetic creatures, from the time of ancient Egypt???

    Shouldn't the devilman have been an Egyptian demon or something like that?

    Even with these slip ups in continuity and history, it was a good story.

  2. Yeah its a goofy story no doubt but it was so well illustrated by Morrow and Torres!

    I remember reading this one back in the day and enjoying seeing all the monsters and the main character that looks a bit like Boris Karloff.