Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Room That Never Grows Old

Here's An Interesting Tale 
From Boris Karloff's Tales
of Mystery "The Room That 
Never Grows Old" With 
Art By Mike Roy And Mike Peppe.

And From The Same Issue 
"The Phone To The Past" 
With Art By Joe Orlando


  1. "The Room That Never Grows Old" was an interesting tale.
    We are left to guess if the little boy in white was the Al who went missing or whether he was some sort of phantom seeking a grownup to become his playmate.

    Was it the house that caused the mans transformation from grownup to boy or was it the man's desire to return to his childhood that gave him his second chance at being a boy?

    It was a good tale leaving the readers to fill in the blanks and figure it out for themselves.

  2. Yeah thats exactly the way I felt. It hid a nerve with me about the concept of going back in time and reliving your childhood. This story also reminds me of an old Twilight Zone or Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode.