Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Fugitive

From Ghostly Haunts #58
Here's Some Swampy Horror
With "The Fugitive". Nice 
Winnie The Witch Art On
Page 1 By Don Perlin!

 And Here's "Old Solders
Never Die" From The Same
Issue With Art By Fred Himes!


  1. Both were great stories.
    In "The Fugitive" it seems like part of the story was missing, it shows the attack on one of the men responsible for the convict's doom, then another man barricading the door though he received no prior warning of what was to come, and finally the attack on the last culprit. Either a page is missing or the story was rushed. If a page is missing it might have been Charlton's fault since quality was sometimes spotty.

    Winnie the Witch looks rather young in this story, almost like a teenager. Could she have been the very first Goth girl?

    1. Sorry I did miss a page on 'The Fugitive" but it's back now and the story is complete.

      Yes I would like to think Winne was the first goth girl...well. at least the first blue skinned goth girl.