Sunday, July 19, 2015

Monster Fantasy

From The Golden Age Of
Monster Magazines In
The Mid Seventies Here's
Issue #4 Of Monster Fantasy
Published By Mayfair And
Edited By Tony Tallarico!


  1. Thank You for this post! This magazine is monster/horror movie gold!

    I really liked the article of Lon Chaney Jr. It was a fitting tribute to this great star.

  2. Lon Jr. sometimes gets overshadowed by the greatness of his dad but he was one of the all-time greats himself. The Wolfman was and still is still an amazing movie and Lon was fantastic in it.

    Yeah these monster magazines were so great. I remember buying Famous Monsters and Castle Of Frankenstein as kid at the local drugstore and waiting to see the movies on Creature Feature or at the local theater.

    Those were golden times...

    1. Those were indeed golden times, a golden age of fright flicks on TV with the horror hosts adding to the enjoyment of the movie, especially when they were grade B or lower.

      Its a shame kids today will never get the enjoyment we had in the heyday of horror movies, when scares were the goal instead of gore for gore's sake in today's films.

      It seems no one ever realizes when one is living in a golden age until it is viewed in the past tense, and then, sadly, it is too late.

  3. Yeah I really miss those old Creature Feature shows back then even the old Late, Late shows were they played the horror and sc-fi "classics" too and we only had 3 or 4 channels to watch but they were all great. I remember staying up late on weekends to watch stuff like Black Sabbath or Castle of Blood or some Universal classics. Granted I have those movies now on video but it seemed to be more special when they played on TV or at the local theater.