Friday, July 3, 2015

Dracula Meets The Master Of The Sky

It's Time For More Supernational
Superhero Action From Issue #3
Of Dell's "Dracula" Comic Book 
With Art By Tallarico And Fraccio 
And Script By D. J. Arneson!


  1. This was a good story, it moved at a fast pace and was well plotted.

    Dracula was successful in stopping the mayhem even though he was thwarted at every turn, being mistrusted by both the forces of good and evil. It reminded me of Spiderman a bit, being looked on as a good guy by some and a bad guy by a few (namely J Jonah Jameson.)

    Too bad the comic title only lasted a little while. I wonder what a reboot would be like.

  2. Dell Comics did a few of these cool monster-superhero books back in the 60's. They still are a lot of fun.

    After acquiring the licensing to the Universal monsters during the horror craze of the early 60's Dell did comic book adaptations of the movies but when super-heroes became popular in the mid sixties they turned the monsters into superheroes (Frankenstein, Dracula and The Werewolf).

    I remember buying this issue back in 1967! A reboot of the monsters would be very cool if it was done in the same spirit as the original characters.