Wednesday, July 1, 2015


From Issue #29 Of Ghostly Haunts 
Here's "Partners" With Art By
Steve Ditko And Hosted By My 
Favorite Charlton Character 
Winnie The Witch.


  1. Thanks! I hope you didn't have to go through any trouble to find this.

    Its good to see it again after all these years, it is a different take on the spirit/body switch that you posted a few posts ago titled "The Heart Of Jeremy Mith"

    I wonder how many times this idea was used in other tales.

    Ditko had and still has the knack to make any tale memorable with his unique style.

  2. No problem finding the story once I saw the cover.

    Joe Gill the writer of "Partners" had hundreds of stories published for Charlton so i'm sure many ideas were recycled throughout the years in the horror comics.