Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Beast In All Men!

Here's A Couple Of Tales
From "Ghostly Haunts" #40
First Up Is "The Beast
In All Men" With
Art By Steve Ditko...

And Some Great
Tom Sutton Art On
"The Game Keeper"


  1. Two great Charlton masterpieces. It is a shame Charlton was looked down on by many, the artists and writers could turn out some fabulous stuff.

    I noticed a bit of Ditko's wit in the first story, on page two and three when Sigrid looks in the cage and sees the man, she faints, thinking the ape had evolved at lightening speed. In the middle of page three as the ape plays with blocks the professor says he is as smart as a freshman (kids in college didn't get much sympathy back then either.)

    As always, I thank you for posting these tales.

  2. Well you know it's so much fun posting these stories and rediscovering how cool Charlton comics were. The writers like Joe Gill, Steve Skeates, Nicola Cuti, Paul Kupperberg and the artists like Steve Ditko, Dick Giordano, Pete Morisi, Don Newton, Tom Sutton, John Byrne, Mike Zeck, Jim Aparo, Frank McLaughlin, Pat Boyette,
    Tony Tallarico, Don Perlin and many others all deserve the credit for giving us the enjoyment of these fun comic books and I'm just happy to post them!