Monday, July 13, 2015

Vampire, Beware

Wow, Bill Everett Could Really
Draw Some Creepy Looking
Vampires. Here's "Vampire,
Beware" From Issue 23 Of
Suspense. Script By Stan The Man!


  1. Another great story. The vampires are far more fiendish and ghoulish than the kind portrayed in the movies, though the fiend in the German film Nosferatu was creepy in his/its own right.

    The bottom panel page 2 showing the two images to give the impression of sudden movement was later done by Ditko in some of his stories. I wonder if this was the first appearance of the sudden movement in a horror comic.

  2. Yeah I can see the Nosferatu influence in the vampires. Bill Everett was a great artist who's work I really appreciate more now than when I was younger.

    That bottom panel on page 2 was a fantastic image! Everett was one of the comic book masters!